Saturday, 24 October 2020

The Anti-Proletarian Alliance of the Arab and Israeli Bourgeoisies

After more than 50 days of bombing and over 2000 deaths, including women and children, the Israeli attack unleashed on Gaza’s proletariat over the past few months has temporarily ceased. The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) has reassumed its role as controller, according to the security agreements stipulated in Oslo in 1993 with the Israeli attacker-occupiers. Villages, enclaves, shelters, refugee camps, West Bank towns in area A (18% of the territory, the administrative area governed by the Palestinian National Authority), area B (21%, the area where civil administration is the responsibility of the Palestinians and security that of the Israelis) and area C (controlled exclusively by Israel) thus return to so-called normality. Read more ...

Gaza: the umpteenth bloodbath floods the Middle East

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  • Published: Wednesday, 22 June 2016 23:12

The victims are the proletarian and proletarianized Palestinian masses of the Gaza Strip, massacred by Israeli bombings, trapped in a territory they cannot escape from, strangled in the grip of savagely warring bourgeoisies. Their enemy is not only Israeli imperialism, supported and fed by all the imperialisms present in the area (first and foremost the USA). The Palestinian proletarians in the Gaza Strip - similarly, but even more so, to those with Israeli passports or living on the East Bank - are also the hostages and victims of their own bourgeoisie – of the whole of the Palestinian bourgeoisie. They are the hostages and victims of bourgeois factions representing interests that,under the pressure of the world economic crisis, are coagulating around the major imperialist States: inevitably subordinate bourgeoisies that express “fake” States, fragile but strong and well-structured in the exercise of their anti-proletarian dictatorship. Read more ...

More on the Revolutionary Party

Not only does the party not include in its ranks all the individuals that constitute the proletarian class, but not even the majority of them. It includes the minority that acquires the collective preparation and maturity, in terms of both theory and militancy, corresponding to the general and final vision of the historical movement worldwide and over the whole course of time from the formation of the proletariat to its revolutionary victory. The issue of individual consciousness is not the basis for forming the party: not only is it impossible for every proletarian to be conscious or, even less, gain a cultural mastery of the class doctrine; it is even impossible for each individual militant and cannot even be guaranteed amongst the leaders.

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Proletarians, beware! “innovation” rhymes with “repression”!

 In hobnail boots the crisis pursues its onward march, crushing millions of proletarian lives everywhere in the world. It is a crisis ofoverproduction of goods and capitals, astructural crisis, i.e. implicit in the very nature of capitalist production. It is not an anomaly or some sort of pathology due to “bad management”, “obscure plotting”, the “egoism” of individuals or institutions, as many give us to understand: it isthe norm, the very physiology of capitalism, whose iron rule is to go on producingmore and more with the objective of ceaselessly accumulating profits, income, interest. Read more ...

Revolutionary defeatism – a necessary perspective

The endless massacre of proletarian and proletarianized Palestinian masses, the dead-end chaos in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Ukraine, the total instability of Afghanistan and Pakistan and crucial areas of Central Africa, tens of thousands of deaths everywhere, hundreds of thousands of refugees travelling towards nothing, destruction and devastation: the hotbeds of war are multiplying, extending and deepening under the pressure of a world economic crisis that dictates the re-charting of the political and social geographies arising out of two twentieth-century world wars. It is no longer a question of sporadic local conflicts breaking out here and there: what we are now witnessing are points of no return in a new escalation whose necessary outlet, from the point of view of capital, is a new world bloodbath. Read more ...

Il Programma Comunista

Kommunistisches Programm

The internationalist


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