Saturday, 24 October 2020

The Social Use of the Epidemic

In a series of articles in our press during the 1950s [1], parallel to the long study on the “Course of Capitalism”, we demonstrated, with the classical texts of communism to hand, how the “murderous and sinister dramas of modern social decadence” (floods and hydro-geological upheavals, cementification, collapsing dams, sinking liners and so on) must all be attributed to the capitalist mode of production.  Those were the years of post-war reconstruction and an unbridled economic boom: after the unspeakable destruction of the second inter-imperialist world massacre (and precisely thanks to it!), the capitalist production machinery had started to function again full speed ahead – indeed, at a previously unheard of pace.  And we could already see, before our very eyes, just as we see even more clearly today, the results of that unbridled hyper-production that has lasted at least three decades and, from the mid-seventies onwards, has foundered on the systemic crisis we are still immersed in.

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The winds of war blowing across the entire middle east proclaim the need to prepare for revolution

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  • Published: Monday, 27 January 2020 18:40

From Libya to Iran, through Syria and Iraq, the winds of war are blowing with increasing violence. While the slaughter of civilians continues in Syria and Yemen (though the latter, it appears, is less newsworthy at the moment) and in Libya increasing chaos reigns due to a war at least partly fought by proxy with the military and diplomatic involvement of the main imperialist players, the recent episodes on Iraqi and Iranian soil (the tactical killing of General Soleimani by the USA, the military reaction from Teheran, the “incident” of the Ukrainian aircraft shot down “by mistake”) are all signals of aggravation in the clashes between imperialisms, independently of foreseeable future turns of events or those already going on, or of any temporary relaxation of tension, or the constant work of diplomacy going on behind the scenes.

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The winds of war are blowing across the entire middle east

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  • Published: Tuesday, 07 January 2020 20:32

From Libya to Iran, passing through Syria and Iraq, the winds of war are blowing more and more fiercely. Faced with this acceleration in the clashes between imperialist powers, we communists must put forward once more with increasing insistence the only position that can allow the international proletariat to avoid being dragged into an imperialist war again, as unfortunately happened only yesterday in the terrible massacre of the Second World War and the bloodshed of the following postwar period, in which we are still immersed.

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The Long, Long Night of the Living Dead

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  • Published: Monday, 27 January 2020 18:34

Thirty years ago, the fall of the “Berlin Wall” – the symbol for those who have never understood a single thing about capitalism and communism – once again launched, in the crudest and most vulgar of manners, the anti-communist polemics that had never ceased to bray (and we use the verb with the utmost respect for the noble and friendly animal): “This is the practical demonstration of what communism is!” The same polemics re-emerge today with idiotic obstinacy, not so much because of the thirtieth anniversary of that event, but because everything in the world of Capital is desperately screaming the need to put an end to a mode of production that at this stage has become purely destructive.

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What distinguishes our Party

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  • Published: Thursday, 04 April 2019 18:09

Each issue of our periodicals carries the following words on the cover:

«What distinguishes our Party is the political continuity which goes from Marx to Lenin, to the foundation of the Communist International and the Communist Party of Italy (Livorno, 1921); the struggle of the Communist Left against the degeneration of the International, the struggle against the theory of «socialism in one country» and the Stalinist counter-revolution; the rejection of the Popular Fronts and the Resistance blocs; the difficult task of restoring the revolutionary doctrine and organisation in close interrelationship with the working class, against personal and electoral politics.»

The purpose of these few words is to give a brief and general indication of what characterises our Party. Although it was not intended to be a detailed explanation (synthetic formulas mark a trace, do not claim to illustrate it), a distinctive feature of our movement is immediately made clear to the reader: for us, contrary to the whole myriad of «modernisers» of Marxism, there exists a continuous, unchanged, unalterable line which defines the revolutionary Communist Party. This is so precisely because its line rises above the ups and downs, the setbacks and advances, the rare but glorious victories and the numerous and catastrophic defeats of the working class, on the difficult path of its struggle for emancipation. It is in fact only thanks to the uninterrupted permanence of this line that the proletariat exists as a class; indeed this line does not reflect the temporary and often contradictory position of the proletariat at this or that stage of its path, in space and time, but the direction that it must necessarily take, starting from its situation of exploited class), to become the ruling class and then achieve, throughout the world, the abolition of all classes and communism. While the material conditions for this path were created by the capitalist mode of production itself, this path does not fall from the sky and it can be travelled to the end only by struggling. And only the Marxist doctrine knows its necessary phases, its indispensable means, as well as its ultimate aims.

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Il Programma Comunista

Kommunistisches Programm

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