Saturday, 24 October 2020

Murderous Capitalism HOW MUCH LONGER…?

(after the drowning of some 900 migrants – men, women, children – when the boat carrying them from Lybia to Sicily sank in the Mediterranean Sea)


In their hundreds of thousands they flee from all corners of the world in search of safety… safety which means merely sorry and uncertain survival and which for many ends in a horrific death, drowned, burned alive, beaten, killed by machine-gun fire. They flee from devastating theatres of war, from poverty that has been handed down for decades and centuries, from the oppression of régimes created and propped up first by colonialism and then by imperialism. Read more ...

The Greek crisis is the crisis of world capital


The Greek situation has bounced back into the headlines following the election victory in December 2014 of Siryza, the “radical” left group which had no scruples about jointly forming the new government with an openly right-wing party: uniting these two spirits apparently so far removed from one another was their anti-European, or rather anti-German nationalism, which holds Germany responsible for starving the Greek people, victims of the harshest austerity measures. ‘Starving’ is to be taken quite literally for the percentage of Greeks below the poverty level (i.e. with an income lower than 60% of the national average), which has risen from 14% in 2009 to the present 30% due to policies of deficit correction which, when government passed from the centre-right to Papandreu’s Pasok (end of 2009), had touched on 13% of the GNP. Read more ...

Warmongering Pacifism

In the communist tradition there is deep-rooted opposition to nationalism and militarism, to any form of “warmongering” based on working-class support for the bourgeois State, either in the name of “defence against aggressors” or of “saving liberal and democratic civilization”. But a no less deep-rooted tradition is that of out-and-out opposition to pacifism – a concept and a programme in itself vague and undefined, but a lethal weapon against the proletariat when it falls into the hands of the various gangs of opportunists, whether of the older or newer variety, who make use of it to spread confusion and illusion in the proletarian ranks with fixed ideas of interclass relations and anti-imperialism based on peace marches, sit-ins and flash mobs of all these “sincere democrats”. Read more ...

Ukraine: war and nationalisms

The bloodless annexation of the Crimea and the so-called “war of liberation” of the Ukraine’s supporters of independence on Russia’s borders has for months occupied the East European stage. Once again the European continent is agitated by the spectacles of old and new nationalisms destined to multiply – nationalisms which will never cease to put on a show of muscle power until the terrain they grow out of, the national States, has been removed. Against them, the international and internationalist battle cry lives on: “Proletarians of the world, unite!

Read more ...

Against ideological and practical preparations for war between States

The new year is opening with further, serious tremors in the capitalist mode of production: an unstoppable fall in oil prices and the prices of raw materials, giddy swings in the rates of international currencies, endless instability in Greece, the difficulties of the Russian economy, slowdowns on those of China and Germany, the plunge on the world stock markets, deflation advancing everywhere, unemployment spreading in peaks and dips. The trade war is becoming increasingly frenzied, the clashes between imperialist powers more decided and, from the United States to France, from Italy to Germany, social disintegration is extending. Read more ...

Il Programma Comunista

Kommunistisches Programm

The internationalist


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