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The winds of war are blowing across the entire middle east

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  • Published: Tuesday, 07 January 2020 20:32

From Libya to Iran, passing through Syria and Iraq, the winds of war are blowing more and more fiercely. Faced with this acceleration in the clashes between imperialist powers, we communists must put forward once more with increasing insistence the only position that can allow the international proletariat to avoid being dragged into an imperialist war again, as unfortunately happened only yesterday in the terrible massacre of the Second World War and the bloodshed of the following postwar period, in which we are still immersed.

This position can ONLY be the following:

-The world proletariat DOES NOT HAVE any friends amongst the imperialist brigands and HAS NO national or patriotic duties to perform

- Its objective is NOT to take one side rather than the other in a conflict between imperialisms but to stand AGAINST its own bourgeoisie and ALONGSIDE the proletariat of other countries

- This implies resuming with determination the path of class struggle and organization, responding blow by blow to any aggression unleashed on the terrain of work (or lack of work), as a precondition for leading a firm practice of revolutionary defeatism, subjecting bourgeois militarism and petit-bourgeois pacifism to out-and-out criticism and sabotaging any war effort by its ruling class.

All this will only be possible on condition that ITS OWN party, the International Communist Party, grows stronger, putting down roots worldwide, and that this party succeeds in making itself a NECESSARY point of reference for the militant avant-gardes that the crimes and disasters of capitalism cannot help creating, forcing them out onto a scenario of open class war.  Only in this way can it possibly set out, in a necessarily violent conflict with the old and rotten capitalist mode of production, with the State representing it and defending it and with the parties and movements that embody it and support it, towards the unavoidable SEIZING OF POWER and the establishment of the DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT, directed by its party, as a passage towards a classless society, COMMUNISM.

                                  6 January 2020

 International Communist Party

Il Programma Comunista

Kommunistisches Programm

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