Solidarity with the Venezuelan proletariat against all patriotic and nationalist temptations

We communists are not indifferent towards the events in Venezuela, just as we are not indifferent to the social and political effects of the capitalist economy’s structural crisis, which drags on and becomes more and more profound, upsetting bourgeois alliances and alignments and aggravating the living and working conditions of the proletariat all over the world.

But our point of reference is and remains precisely that – the international proletariat, and its immediate and future interests. This is why we vigorously express our active solidarity with the Venezuelan proletarians, under attack from all quarters: by US imperialism, by the national bourgeoisie in all its various disguises (“régime” and “opposition”), by European imperialisms, as well as Chinese, Russian, and Turkish – all so many vultures hovering overhead.


No solidarity must be wasted on one bourgeois faction or another. Only by refusing to be part of the rotten interclass quagmire known as “the people”, only by recovering its own political militant independence against all the patriotic phantoms, outside any perspective of alliance with one State or another or with their “own” State and against the mongrel theories of “Bolivarist Chavism” and the “socialism of the XXIst century” – only in this way can the Venezuelan proletariat, alongside the proletariat of other countries, set out along the path of its own emancipation and towards a classless society.

This is what we communists are working towards.


  International Communist Party


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