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Against all imperialist wars

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  • Published: Wednesday, 26 April 2017 18:27

There’s no need for a lot of words: only the pathetically deluded can fail to see that deep within the capitalist economy, which has been in a critical state for decades now with all its ups and downs, a new, generalized conflict is being prepared, even more devastating than the two past world wars and the infinite “minor wars” that have preceded and followed them.

The conflict is not the will of Donald Trump or Kim Jong-un (or other future puppets), even if they’re growling and flexing their muscles at the moment. Imperialist wars are not the result of the “will for power” or “homicidal folly” of one “dictator” or the other (or – worse still – of one “people” or another). They are the product of capital’s own dynamics, obliged as it is to resort to them in the attempt to get the jammed mechanism of accumulation moving again, by destroying what has been produced in excess (work-force included).


In the age of imperialism, there are no “aggressor countries” and “attacked countries”, “rogue States” and “friendly States”: it is the various national bourgeoisies that attack one another, continuing in this way – with increasingly cruel and extreme means – the “peaceful” competition (viz: wars of commerce!) on which the capitalist mode of production is founded. Precisely: the two world wars and the dozens and dozens of “minor” conflicts should have taught this! Faced with the next conflict being prepared, not a single proletarian, man or woman, at the service of the ruling class’s interests, their States or their armies!

The “fatherlands”, the “nations”, the “religions” – let us leave them to the bourgeoisie (and their faithful, petit-bourgeois henchmen), who use them to dispatch the proletariat to be massacred in their name on the battlefronts. We have no “fatherlands” or “nations” to defend or “religions” to spread: our war can only be a class war, of proletarians against bourgeoisie, to finally win power and bring into being a classless society, where no-one is exploited and there are no exploiters.

So let us organize ourselves outside the prison of wage labour, uniting the workers and the workless, precarious workers, young and old, in territorial organisms of proletarian struggle, open to everyone with no distinctions of gender, nationality, category, political affiliation, as the basis for the rebirth of real class unionism. This is the first, indispensible step towards defending ourselves today from the attacks of capital (from the bosses, the State and its legal and illegal armed gangs and the institutional trade unions): break national unity and oppose the warmongering politics of all governments, preparing ourselves for the future move to attack bourgeois power. But to attain this objective it is of fundamental importance to work at reinforcing and putting down firm roots for the international communist party, the indispensible guide of the revolutionary process. There is no time to lose!

1 May 2017 

Il Programma Comunista

Kommunistisches Programm

The internationalist


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