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Gaza: the umpteenth bloodbath floods the Middle East

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  • Published: Wednesday, 22 June 2016 23:12

The victims are the proletarian and proletarianized Palestinian masses of the Gaza Strip, massacred by Israeli bombings, trapped in a territory they cannot escape from, strangled in the grip of savagely warring bourgeoisies. Their enemy is not only Israeli imperialism, supported and fed by all the imperialisms present in the area (first and foremost the USA). The Palestinian proletarians in the Gaza Strip - similarly, but even more so, to those with Israeli passports or living on the East Bank - are also the hostages and victims of their own bourgeoisie – of the whole of the Palestinian bourgeoisie. They are the hostages and victims of bourgeois factions representing interests that,under the pressure of the world economic crisis, are coagulating around the major imperialist States: inevitably subordinate bourgeoisies that express “fake” States, fragile but strong and well-structured in the exercise of their anti-proletarian dictatorship.

And so another hotbed of war is rekindled in the general “middle-eastern” conflict and the broader repositioning of imperialist interests: the “dissolution” of Iraq, Syria, Libya, the mess in Afghanistan, total instability in Africa, chaos in the Ukraine… Everywhere, tens and hundreds of thousands, proletarians, semi-proletarians, proletarianized masses or those on the way to proletarianization, are massacred in the crossfire of bourgeois factions, bands and armies of mercenaries and conflicting interests, or flee from their homes, which are transformed into areas of merciless armed conflict. Increasingly, the world of capital is showing its real face: capitalism is war, even when it proclaims it comes “in peace” – this is demonstrated by two world wars and hundreds of “minor” conflicts over the span of a century, with millions upon millions of deaths, wounded, refugees. The proliferation of these hotbeds of war today tells us that new world slaughter is being prepared, just as the bourgeoisie celebrate with hypocritical tears the hundredth anniversary of their first inter-imperialist conflict. The proletarian and proletarianized masses of the Gaza Strip, the East Bank, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine have only one friend: not one bourgeois faction or the other, whether lay or religious, not one State or the other, ready to massacre them tomorrow when their interests demand it, but the proletariat of the imperialist centres, also hit by the tremendous effects of the economic crisis. Only by taking up again an uncompromising class struggle, open confrontation with the ruling classes, their State and their agents within the proletarian class – only by the creation of an international proletarian and internationalist front, which will fight any form of open or concealed racism, any form of nationalism and more or less populist chauvinism – only in this way can practical help be given to those tormented and fleeing masses. But this means resuming the fight to strike down this society that has become merely destructive, bloodthirsty and merciless. It means resuming the fight for the prospect of a classless society, a mode of production that is superior to the one that has been oppressing us for far too long in its unending death throes. It means resuming the fight for the real and more than ever necessary prospect of communism – which has nothing in common with the macabre scam perpetrated for almost a century by “really existing socialism”, whether Russian, Chinese, Cuban or Albanian, or whatever else! In all this, the central role must again become that of the revolutionary party, the science, the organization and the direction of the proletariat – a world party, founded on solid theory, on a firm and disciplined structure, on a tradition over a century-old now of struggle against the bourgeois régime in its many guises (democratic, fascist, reformist, social-democratic and stalinist) and against all forms of opportunism and revisionism. We work on establishing the roots of this party, in the awareness that this is the real help we can give the victims of the massacres that are happening in the Gaza Strip and elsewhere and that will inevitably follow them, unless the rule of capital is overthrown.

July 15, 2014

 International Communist Party

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