Murderous Capitalism HOW MUCH LONGER…?

(after the drowning of some 900 migrants – men, women, children – when the boat carrying them from Lybia to Sicily sank in the Mediterranean Sea)


In their hundreds of thousands they flee from all corners of the world in search of safety… safety which means merely sorry and uncertain survival and which for many ends in a horrific death, drowned, burned alive, beaten, killed by machine-gun fire. They flee from devastating theatres of war, from poverty that has been handed down for decades and centuries, from the oppression of régimes created and propped up first by colonialism and then by imperialism.

They flee from lands made barren by successive hordes of exploiters, by “natural” disasters that are really the tremendous result of the race for profit. They flee: but where to? The illusion of a “better life” has always triggered huge waves of migration by the proletariat and proletarianized masses under pressure from a capitalism that is by nature aggressive and destructive, and not due to the cruelty of one dictator or another, or the  “incompetence” or “corrupt” nature of one régime or another. Murderous capitalism. For how much longer do we want to close our eyes to this reality, confirmed now by centuries of massacres in times of peace as of war? For how much longer do we want delude ourselves that the empty rhetoric of the mainstream ideology or the sticky sweet sentiments of the petit bourgeoisie are sufficient to deal with this ceaseless genocide of proletarians? For how much longer are we going to limit ourselves to being scandalized by the obtuse braying of despicable and decrepit half classes (including sectors of the working class aristocracy who flirt with the illusion of being “protected” and “guaranteed” and vent their fears and frustrations on the “foreigners”)? For how much longer do we intend to cradle ourselves in reformist and pacifist illusions, instead of openly facing the current enemy of humankind: the capitalist mode of production?  For how much longer do we want to delude ourselves that we can entrust the future of our species to individuals and parties that are only interested in keeping alive this corpse that still totters forwards, sucking the blood and devouring the flesh of millions of proletarians, in peace as in war, exploiting them daily in their jobs (or non-jobs) and under the bombs of armies making war one upon the other, but most of all on the proletariat? 

The over 900 proletarians who drowned in the Sea of Sicily add to the hundreds of others that preceded them in the waters of the Mediterranean, to the tens and hundreds of thousands who have been massacred by arms of mass destruction everywhere in the world for decades upon decades: pure proletarians and proletarianized masses fleeing in the closed pen of a mode of production – the capitalist one – which, while it caused humankind to make a leap forward with respect to previous modes of production two centuries ago, is now merely destructive and destined to become even more so, in the course of the repeated and increasingly devastating economic crises that are gradually preparing the way for a new and bloody world massacre.

Resume the path of open class war – Organize ourselves independently of the parties and unions belonging to the régime and the State, their armed representative – Recognize that the need to strengthen and put down international roots for the communist party can no longer be postponed – Take the direction of revolutionary defeatism against our own bourgeoisie, on an economic-social level today and a military level tomorrow – Work with passion towards the prospect of communism, a classless society, a society of the species, the only perspective in which it is possible to end the bloodshed that is spreading everywhere, day after day.

19 April 2015 


Partito comunista internazionale 

(il programma comunista – the internationalist – cahiers internationalistes)


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