Wednesday, 12 August 2020

In Greece, another “great show” of democracy and nationalism

The Greek situation (or better: the Greek side of the crisis in world capitalism) has not been disappointing on this first Sunday of July. Indeed, it has demonstrated, emblematically, the putrefaction of the present political and ideological system. The political and economic positions that “confronted” one another in the recent referendum called by the government (which – it is as well to remember – contains elements from the “left”, the centre and the right), apart from the variegated recourse to rhetoric, were really basically identical. Above all, they wereequally antiproletarian. And they ended with the operation of castration carried out, as always, by democracy, which infects the proletariat with hopes and illusions, sending it hurtling down an endless precipice. In practice, the referendum’s presumed alternatives posed the following question: “Do you accept the Troika version or the Syriza version of the attack on the living and working conditions of the proletariat?” The “Syriza version” won 61 to 39. Thus, national pride blended with popular democracy.

Will the flood come now? No. More governments will follow – right, centre or “left”. Perhaps a government of national unity will be formed. Perhaps a “new pact with Europe” will be signed, for a soft or rapid exit from the euro. Perhaps a new, parallel currency will come into being. What is important for the governments to come is that the proletariat has been tamed and pacified, with no need (for the moment) for bloodshed. Only one alternative exists: either the extreme battle of the proletariat, aimed at crushing the bourgeoisie (and not only in Greece!) or the outbreak of open repression by the bourgeoisie. “The colonels will be back!”, the “guardians of democracy” hasten to warn us. “It’s in our interests to support Syriza anyway, putting a peg on our noses,” squawk the many geese.

Tsipras and his party have obtained an electoral mandate, with the brief to negotiate with the most important shopkeepers. This mandate really meant nothing more. In the January 2015 elections, New Democracy and Pasok passed on the hot potato to them: and all they can do, so as not to lose face, is to pass it on again – unless they are ready to impose “blood and tears”, as they have been asked to do for months. At that stage, the mandate would become legal tender. Nonetheless, to the left of the “left” there is always another, more democratic “left”, capable of doing the dirty work.

One thing is certain. For the bourgeoisie (which, don’t let us forget, is one alone!), faced with its own world economic crisis, it is urgent for so-called United Europe to impose a single Order and a single Law on all the small, political, state entities: intensification of the attack on the living and working conditions of the proletariat. Which then implies the need for the outcome to be a terrifying dictatorship and a new world conflict.

In order to break the isolation of the proletarian class, what is needed is for the Communist Party to come to life again and put down its roots internationally: its general staff, united in terms of programme, organization, tactics and strategy, whose aim be, starting from the weak points or breaks in the chain of capitalism, to seize the power and wield it – the dictatorship of the proletariat, the bridge to a classless society, the society of species, communism.

July 7th, 2015

International Communist Party

Il Programma Comunista

Kommunistisches Programm

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